Islam Makhachev's 7-Fight Win Streak

Islam Makhachev goes into his UFC Vegas 31 main event fight with Thiago Moises riding a seven-fight win streak and a growing reputation as one of the toughest matchups in the lightweight division.

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  1. Suyamti Cantik

    Suyamti Cantik

    15 minutter siden

    5:42 Leave me alooneeee 😂

  2. Suyamti Cantik

    Suyamti Cantik

    22 minutter siden

    7:04 wow, the fight from the future 😱

  3. Zaid Bari

    Zaid Bari

    5 timer siden

    Dis anyone notice the 7:05 match date 2031

  4. Hatif


    7 timer siden

    Rogan: You don't know until you know. DC: *Everybody* knows.

  5. Osirus Homunculi XIII

    Osirus Homunculi XIII

    11 timer siden

    congratulations on your wedding Islam. Dagestan getting big in the MMA world

  6. Kingmufasa99


    13 timer siden

    Islam is a russian wolf

  7. Mr Johnson

    Mr Johnson

    14 timer siden

    The next khabib!

  8. Rana Usama

    Rana Usama

    15 timer siden

    7:05 UFC MARCH 6, 2031 ??? thats a fight from future it seems...

  9. Hamza Khalid

    Hamza Khalid

    16 timer siden

    0:36 My kidneys when I drink water

  10. Paul Raducu

    Paul Raducu

    19 timer siden

    7:03 they are fighting in the future

  11. Mr MA

    Mr MA

    20 timer siden

    7:08 march 6,2031 NOnet showing me future videos

  12. Logon Smith

    Logon Smith

    20 timer siden

    OMG ISIam is the goat 🐐 and we didn't even know

  13. Hanif Muchdatul

    Hanif Muchdatul

    20 timer siden

    7:07 2031 wkwkwk

  14. Nicolas Gigena

    Nicolas Gigena

    21 time siden

    7:06 D: the date D:

  15. AnalisSaham Syariah

    AnalisSaham Syariah

    Dag siden


  16. hiteshkartik


    Dag siden

    He is great. But he is no Khabib. He doesn't dominate his opponents like khabib.

  17. abner bautista

    abner bautista

    Dag siden

    Cool name

  18. JudaismIslamUnited


    Dag siden

    One word Islam.!

  19. Edgar Pereira

    Edgar Pereira

    Dag siden

    beautiful fight style

  20. Jesus Gonzalez

    Jesus Gonzalez

    Dag siden


  21. Nelson


    Dag siden

    great fighter. as good as khabib if not more rounded!

  22. DocSteelhammer


    Dag siden


  23. Intihajahmad M

    Intihajahmad M

    Dag siden

    E hadargitti makla 2031 bardirallo.

  24. Martin Hansen

    Martin Hansen

    Dag siden

    He gasses out too early. No doubt he will improve his stamina in the future. He will be someone to follow in the future for sure!

  25. 〖ᗴᗪ〗Clan Official

    〖ᗴᗪ〗Clan Official

    Dag siden

    7:04 the fight says it happend 2031 😂

  26. Felix Lima

    Felix Lima

    Dag siden

    6:20 the way he just grabbed the dude's neck and neutralized all that noise before throwing the knee... like he was sparring

  27. Creative GraveDigger

    Creative GraveDigger

    Dag siden

    He takes people down so smoothly

  28. T B

    T B

    2 dager siden

    8:00 that back flex was intense

  29. Reck


    2 dager siden

    Khabib to Islam to Usman

  30. Chhabilal Parajuli

    Chhabilal Parajuli

    2 dager siden


  31. alexandru 1714

    alexandru 1714

    2 dager siden

    Im I the only one who saw on the last fight they write the date of fight and the year 2031on the right low corner?

  32. Izzat Afiq

    Izzat Afiq

    2 dager siden

    i love his style of fight. he's not khabib copy paste. he's more agile

  33. Valentin Berg

    Valentin Berg

    2 dager siden

    Same KO twice , March 2031 😂 The editor needs to take a rest

  34. cupapi munyanyo

    cupapi munyanyo

    2 dager siden


  35. Creative GraveDigger

    Creative GraveDigger

    2 dager siden

    I like the respect between him and all whoever fights him

  36. Qashmal Fayyadl

    Qashmal Fayyadl

    2 dager siden

    0:36 "How's Life?"

  37. Manuel TV

    Manuel TV

    2 dager siden

    7:06 bruh 2031

  38. Carol Uplinger

    Carol Uplinger

    2 dager siden

    The mere butter pharmacodynamically kill because tip functionally join concerning a short facilities. unkempt, highfalutin fertilizer

  39. selim Demirkol

    selim Demirkol

    2 dager siden

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  40. Dhu l-Qarnain

    Dhu l-Qarnain

    2 dager siden

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  41. Jorge Perez

    Jorge Perez

    2 dager siden

    Great fighter definitely a future champion.

  42. Joshua Haga

    Joshua Haga

    2 dager siden

    WAIT!!!! @7:04 what year is it? lmfao

  43. Dontgetgot


    2 dager siden

    8 now right?

  44. Braza Mamba

    Braza Mamba

    2 dager siden

    Islam isn't at same level of dominance as Kabib. I don't think he can beat Charles and Chandler. Both Charles and Chandler can k.o Machachev, and on the ground I don't see Machachev holding Chandler for long time...and with Charles, if Machachev give his back like he did on his last fight it is over.

  45. Alexandre Amaral

    Alexandre Amaral

    2 dager siden

    Think Khabib

  46. أبو عائشة محمد عمر علي Mohamed Ali

    أبو عائشة محمد عمر علي Mohamed Ali

    2 dager siden

    2031? must be the greatest fighter of all time.

  47. Ramix Rax

    Ramix Rax

    2 dager siden

    thumbnail is beast!!!

  48. Will Edwards

    Will Edwards

    2 dager siden

    7:03 Damn, Makhachev really out here fighting in 2031



    3 dager siden

    7:05 2031 LOL 😂🤪

  50. Jannatans


    3 dager siden

    Damn Makhachef vs dober was fight in future 😭😂

  51. Sasha Taranets

    Sasha Taranets

    3 dager siden

    Anybody else notice at 7:00 Makhachev vs Dober it say's UFC 259: March 6th, 2031

  52. arifin putra

    arifin putra

    3 dager siden

    7:07 March 6 2031...future fight is past

  53. George Tala

    George Tala

    3 dager siden

    did the dober fight take place 10 years into the future? min 7:00

  54. Syavergio Tampi

    Syavergio Tampi

    3 dager siden

    bruh that shoulder choke thooo

  55. Karosi online TV

    Karosi online TV

    3 dager siden

  56. Laiphrakpam Sanatomba

    Laiphrakpam Sanatomba

    3 dager siden

    Islam vs Conor 👍👍

  57. chichy hasani

    chichy hasani

    3 dager siden


  58. Cedric Wyche

    Cedric Wyche

    3 dager siden

    7:05 This video damn near gave me an existential crisis I paused the video and stared at the date 2031 for 5 seconds

  59. Киличбек Рисбоев

    Киличбек Рисбоев

    3 dager siden

    Будиши чепийон н1

  60. Sohel Shaikh

    Sohel Shaikh

    3 dager siden

    I didnt know the Dober fight was from the future. 2031? WTF - 7:05

  61. rahmat Jefri

    rahmat Jefri

    3 dager siden

    allah hu akbar

  62. Samiallah Zenjerbek

    Samiallah Zenjerbek

    3 dager siden

    Allah Akbar

  63. Magnus Klitmann

    Magnus Klitmann

    3 dager siden

    He looks almost more crazy than khabib. Damn same figthing style or as I call it love making technic🤢🤢🤮🤮.

  64. ام اسكندر

    ام اسكندر

    3 dager siden

    Masha alah

  65. ashraf 891108

    ashraf 891108

    3 dager siden


  66. Deniz Őzdemir

    Deniz Őzdemir

    3 dager siden

    Nice fighter but I noticed that he constantly hits the back of opponents head on ground. Isn't that out rules for MMA?

  67. Hazim Azhad

    Hazim Azhad

    3 dager siden

    Kecik" cili padi

  68. Рустам Гулов

    Рустам Гулов

    3 dager siden

    ИСЛАМ красавчик брат

  69. Ibra


    3 dager siden

    Can't take serious someone with a name of a sect invented by a pedophile lmao

  70. muhammed affaan

    muhammed affaan

    3 dager siden

    He is on the way to break khabib's record inshaallah 🤜🤛👊✊👈👆👆👆

  71. Dairon Rodriguez

    Dairon Rodriguez

    3 dager siden

    He needs to fight for that belt already

  72. Roman Povoroznyuk

    Roman Povoroznyuk

    4 dager siden

    07:03 Now I saw the future! March 6, 2031

  73. Jrmohd


    4 dager siden

    This is the mutation/mutated khabib, product made in Dagestan. Basically he is Islam Makhachev but he can switch to khabib mode anytime...the scarier fact adds up knowing that Islam Makhachev act according to khabib's order and command from his coaching corner. This is creepy, khabib might have a vision of himself returning from retirement just to complete his 30-0-0 world record against the lightweight champion Islam Makhachev who were expected to hold the lightweight belt at the time, to prove once for all and for the last time, that he Khabib, is the best that could ever do it and the undefeated ufc lightweight champion of all time & No 1 pound to pound fighter of the world. And this could be khabib's toughest fight of his career and also ufc's highest level cagefight of all time. So buckle up peeps, cause this, is the moment, u all, have been waiting for.....LIVE! ✔

    • alwaysplay13


      2 dager siden

      Khabib is retired, his father did not want them to fight...horrible take

    • Rudraksh Phogat

      Rudraksh Phogat

      2 dager siden

      He is the man of God.

  74. Izefri


    4 dager siden

    The shoulder choke was something else. 👍

  75. Riggs Murtah

    Riggs Murtah

    4 dager siden

    7:23 so beautiful

  76. Mr On Stound

    Mr On Stound

    4 dager siden

    new ufc Champion

  77. Balkiss Khanoo

    Balkiss Khanoo

    4 dager siden

    ISLAM , ISLAM .ISLAM ❤️☪️❤️☪️❤️☪️❤️☪️ FIGHTER & RELIGION ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  78. Xalo


    4 dager siden

    Laschata taméch

  79. LvreFN


    4 dager siden

    They accidentaly put march 6 2031 on the last one

  80. Charlie Ennis

    Charlie Ennis

    4 dager siden

    0:01 Islam's revenge for khabib losing the fight to Tibeau

  81. Machida Rock

    Machida Rock

    4 dager siden

    0:36 Wtffff How this real?😲😳

  82. The Afghan Perspective

    The Afghan Perspective

    4 dager siden

    Beast 💪🇦🇫

  83. Unstoppable NYY

    Unstoppable NYY

    4 dager siden

    Super ga*. The second fighter let this khabib hack grab his as*cra** and didn't say nothing.

  84. aramis rivera

    aramis rivera

    4 dager siden

    Basically Khabib junior

  85. Hai Hoo

    Hai Hoo

    4 dager siden

    00:35 👍

  86. inda khoirizzaad

    inda khoirizzaad

    4 dager siden

    now 8 win fight streak! ..cant wait to see islam fight top 5 guy

  87. Gaming Zone 95

    Gaming Zone 95

    4 dager siden

    2031??what happen ufc lived in that year meanwhile we still stuck in year 2021 lmao

  88. VariousValue


    4 dager siden

    Khabib looks so proud

  89. VariousValue


    4 dager siden

    Nobody wants him, nobody

  90. Wisam moe ali

    Wisam moe ali

    4 dager siden

    this is the next khabib ....another Muslim Russian

  91. Kago Tayung

    Kago Tayung

    4 dager siden

    Would love to see him against Israel Adesanya

  92. Lomsik Shin

    Lomsik Shin

    5 dager siden

    Only one ko,all

  93. soidul khan Frm , Bangladesh , Live in malaysia

    soidul khan Frm , Bangladesh , Live in malaysia

    5 dager siden

    Islam I Like it bro @@@

  94. Likesh Gop

    Likesh Gop

    5 dager siden

    2031 who else sow that

  95. YUNGMARC 999

    YUNGMARC 999

    5 dager siden

    Why did it say he fought drew dober in 2031? 😂😂

  96. Сергей Тимофеев

    Сергей Тимофеев

    5 dager siden

    а он хорош)

  97. pat-man


    5 dager siden

    this is my favorite style of UFC fighting. totally dominant on the mat. Extremely technical. not a lot of flashy stand up K.O.s.

    • Reck


      2 dager siden

      Basically the complete opposite of McGregor

  98. Betta FishCool

    Betta FishCool

    5 dager siden

    The next lightweight champion

  99. sin0s


    5 dager siden

    Khabib 2

  100. Royko Farm

    Royko Farm

    5 dager siden

    Nuthing special. Just a welterweight fighting in Lightweight to get size advantage. With good ground game he will dominate all these small 155 guys. Slam them around. He and Khabib same.

    • tauseef mohmmed

      tauseef mohmmed

      5 dager siden

      Hater found